Weekend Storm Update

Showers and storms waste no time in appearance across the region this morning. Light, moderate and even heavy downpours are currently pushing through western Middle Tennessee (7:53 AM).


Dark ominous clouds are a heads up to folks in Downtown — the storm headed your way!


I-65 west is hogging the clouds and rain but the clock is ticking! Only a matter of time before both spill into the eastern half of the state.


Neyland stadium in Knoxville is nice and comfy on the dry side of town and it is perfect timing for the big game as the Volunteers take on the Bobcats. Humid and warm…but dry.


This is all moisture ahead of an approaching cold front that will hold off on pushing through Middle until Sunday morning. Showers and storms are on an easterly path. So, areas getting hammered now can expect diminishing activity as storms work their way into central Middle Tennessee this morning into the afternoon.


By the early evening, I expect most of the activity to transition east of I-65, inching closer to the plateau by tonight.


A few spotty storms are game for any spot in Middle Tennessee overnight.


The best chance for scattered showers and storms on Sunday will be during the morning and mainly for I-65 east.


A few lingering spotty storms will be possible through the evening but overall, expect a dry pattern with diminishing cloud cover throughout the day.


Highs will be noticeably cooler and back to average on Sunday but this is brief! Upper 80s to lower 90s sneak back in by Monday but there’s a bright side to this. Far less humid conditions will arrive by Monday morning and it will be a beautiful week, filled with plenty of sunshine. Hang tight!


I’ll be tracking storms and bringing  you the latest on channel 4 today at 8:30 am, 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm. Join me!

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