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Haunting Halloween Weather

A “Monster Storm” is developing this weekend.  For  Halloween in Middle Tennessee it means some “Scary Showers”.  Temperatures will be “Candy Corn Cool” with highs in the mid 60s.  I can remember working at Weather Channel, we had a Halloween map … Continue reading

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It’s appropriate Halloween is tomorrow, as we have a MONSTER storm now strengthening on the other side of the world! Cyclone Chapala, our equivalent to a hurricane, is now a category 4 storm according to the National Centre for Meteorology and … Continue reading

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October 30: VIDEO BLOG — Halloween Weekend, Daily Links

WEATHER The forecast for the weekend is complex…in fact, it’s complicated enough for a video blog:   LINKS Lots of nerdy reading material for you as we head into the weekend… Weather links… Tropical systems don’t hit the Arabian peninsula … Continue reading

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Chill in the Air…Coats Needed

High pressure is building in across Middle Tennessee. That will keep the sky clear overnight. Clouds act as a blanket to insulate, so without that blanket temperatures will drop overnight. The process is know as radiational cooling. Expect it to … Continue reading

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As Halloween approaches, so does the annual Taurid meteor shower!  This shower, well known for generating some spectacular fireballs, is produced when Earth passes through debris from Comet Encke. Comet Encke, discovered in 1786, is shown above (courtesy of Michael Holloway). In … Continue reading

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October 29: A Break From The Rain…Until Halloween

WEATHER The rainy pattern of the last few days has finally moved off to the east, and the lingering clouds will gradually clear throughout the day as well.  Temperatures will warm up to the upper 60s by midday… …but as … Continue reading

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A Little Extra Sleep in the Forecast

It’s time to “fall back”. Ok, it’s not really a weather related subject, but it’s always the meteorologist that reminds you of the time change and it does have some impact on the weather. Plus it’s timely. Daylight Saving Time … Continue reading

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Clouds have dominated our weather over the last several days……. ….but finally today, sunshine returned! Weather computer models helped us predict this trend today (of increasing sunshine), but satellite imagery was even more useful this afternoon, as the clouds began … Continue reading

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October 28: Rain Winding Down, Halloween Weekend, Daily Links

WEATHER We had some heavy rain and even a few non-severe thunderstorms overnight and into early this morning, but the steady rain has now moved off to our east.  That doesn’t mean we’ll be completely dry though…Futurecast shows spotty light … Continue reading

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2015: A Quiet Year for Tornadoes

Here’s a “good news” headline to share, so far this year Tennessee has had the fewest tornadoes since 2007. That’s right, to date 11 tornadoes have occurred. This is just one more than 2007 when 10 tornadoes touched down. And … Continue reading

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