April 27: Mostly Calm Weather, Daily Links

I’ll start with this reminder for the next couple of weeks — this blog will be updated every weekday now, not just when severe weather is imminent.  I’ll start with a weather discussion that will be brief when the weather is calm, and quite a bit longer when something big is looming.  After that, links to various science-related articles you might find interesting.



We made it through Saturday’s ultimately-underwhelming severe weather threat without any major consequences, and the good news continues this week.  Rain chances will move back in from the south late Tuesday, and stick around Wednesday and Thursday — but we’re talking about showers, not thunderstorms, which means we don’t have to worry about severe weather!



More good stuff…as usual, some weather-related and some just awesomely nerdy.

  • Today is the 4th anniversary of one of the worst tornado outbreaks in history.
  • I don’t look back on this past winter’s weather with much affection…the second winter in a row with a very similar pattern. New research is unraveling why.
  • I’m not sure I buy the medical link, but otherwise this article does a nice job of shedding some light on dark matter.
  • Last week I posted several links related to the 25th “birthday” of the Hubble Space Telescope…now it’s time for a look at what Hubble’s successor will be able to do.
  • The science behind “puppy-dog eyes.”
  • Huge medical news: a malaria vaccine is closer than ever.
  • Considering the planes we fly on now haven’t changed much since the 1970s, this seems like an ambitious goal: an 800-passenger solar-powered airliner by the 2030s?
  • Space exploration news: Japan wants to put a rover on the moon
  • …and it may be a while before we put humans on Mars.
  • Speaking of Mars, I highly recommend this book if you’re even vaguely interested in science fiction.  (The movie version will be out later this year, and some serious talent is attached to the project.)
  • Back on this planet, the reservoir of magma underneath Yellowstone National Park is even larger than previously thought.
  • And finally, an article to tie your brain in knots: is reality real, or is it in your head?

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