Sizzlin’ weekend on tap for the Mid-State

The summer sizzle continues as highs remain in the mid-90’s right through the weekend.

The Heat Index won’t be as hot Friday as for the weekend thanks to a quick/tiny drop in humidity during the afternoon.
Here’s Heat Index.
Saturday’s Heat Index
Sunday’s Heat Index
The reason behind the weekend heat is very similar to what we say a few weeks ago.
A strong upper-level ridge is sliding over Middle TN and won’t begin to loosen it’s grip until Sunday.
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Toasty Days & Weekend Rain

Heavenly start to our Thursday morning. I have been glued to our Servpro live cam all morning long..


We have had early morning dense fog but as expected, radiant sunshine has lifted much of it away. Areas under the ORANGE color are still down to a 1/2 mile visibility. Areas under the YELLOW color are down to one mile. (8:01 AM)VIDEO LYNX

Temperatures are rising! Already in the upper 70s for some..DMA Temps_NoSponsor

Daytime highs will run in the upper 80s to lower 90s region-wide.iCAST TodaysHighs

Sunshine rules through Saturday. I’m not ruling out an isolated afternoon storm but if you do get one, consider yourself one of the few and it will pass quickly! The better chance for rain and storms will be on Sunday into Monday and even Tuesday of next week.Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

If you are one who struggles with allergies, some good news for you.. pollen count is LOW in the days ahead!

Pollen Forecast

Meteorologist Cody Murphy will have an update on the timing of the weekend rain at noon on News 4 today..7 Day AM

I’ll see y’all back here dark and early tomorrow morning. By then, it will be Friday!

Make it a great day!

-Daphne DeLoren

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Hurricane Chris drifting well offshore of East Coast

Hurricane Chris continue to churn away about 400 miles offshore of the Mid-Atlantic Coastline as a low-end Category 2 hurricane.

Thankfully, Chris never has and never will make a threatening run toward the east coast. Rather, the system will continue to move northeast further out to sea.
The latest forecast for Chris has it gaining speed as it moves northeastward.
Chris will likely maintain it’s Category strength through Wednesday night but will begin weakening by Thursday.
By Thursday evening Chris looks to loose enough steam to come back down to a tropical storm as it passes by Newfoundland’s east coast.
From there what’s left of Chris will continue to move into the northern Atlantic Ocean and will be near Iceland by late Saturday.
For a look at our local forecast click here.
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Ice Cold Water Please

Now would be a great time to drink some ICE COLD water! Yes! It is hot.. and only getting hotter. 8:51 AM and temperatures are already touching the 80s.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Lots of sunshine and heat today! iCAST TodaysHighsDMA Dew Points

Daytime highs will be sizzling in the lower 90s and with high humidity it will FEEL like the mid to upper 90s.iCAST HeatIndex_OneTime

Expect spotty showers and storms during the afternoon and evening before drier and less humid air works its way in as soon as tomorrow!FutCAST RPMb4km SATRADFutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD1

Just when you think it cannot get hot enough.. mid 90s are in store for your Friday!7 Day AM

Our Meteorologist Cody Murphy will have the latest on this heat stretch and if there’s any relief in the near future at noon today!


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Lower Humidity Then Building Heat

There are a few big stories in our weather over the next few days.  First, more storms are on the way, so if you’ve missed out on rain lately and you’re hoping for some, relief could be just around the corner for you.  We’re also expecting a slight drop in humidity on Thursday.  Finally, the week will end on an even hotter note.  Mid 90s will more common then.

This evening as of just before 6pm, spotty showers and a few thunderstorms were holding on.  Some downpours were over the Nashville area.  Others were scattered about, with the greatest concentration over southeastern Middle Tennessee.


Temperatures were very variable, with the coolest areas either receiving rain or having just received rain.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Meanwhile, humidity was high for everyone.  Dew points around 70 indicate the air is very oppressive.  Look at Paris and Cookeville — swampy!

DMA Dew Points.png

This evening, rain will dissipate around sunset — 8pm.

Tomorrow morning, like this morning, expect spotty fog mainly around water and in valleys.

iCAST TonightsLows.png

During the afternoon, spotty thunderstorms will develop again.  Highs will be like they were today — in the low 90s in general.

You won’t see it reflected in the 7-day outlook below, but on Thursday the humidity will drop just a little along and north of I-40 thanks to a weak cold front that will settle through tomorrow.  Many of you will be able to feel that difference, especially during the morning.  However, by afternoon temperatures will climb even higher than on previous days partly negating the improved feel in the air.

7 Day PM

Watch Lisa Spencer on News4 this evening.  She’ll update you on the showers and storms as they wind down across the Mid State on Real Time Red Radar.



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Heads Up! Showers are Near..

Good morning!!! It is 8:18 AM on this Tuesday morning and we are off to a fantastic start to the day.


Mix of sun and clouds, warm & muggy..

DMA Temps_ServproDMA Dew Points

Temperatures will be sizzling hot.. welcome to summer in Nashville!

Image result for emoji squinty smileiCAST TodaysHighs

A cold front inches closer as I type here squeezing some rain out along the journey — from north to south this afternoon into the evening. Brief heavy downpours at times. Here’s the timing..FutCAST RPMb4km SATRADFutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD1FutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD2FutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD3FutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD4

Lingering moisture keeps some spotty rain around tomorrow before drier, less humid air arrives on Thursday and Friday.Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

Pollen Forecast.. A-OK!Pollen Forecast

Our Meteorologist Dan Thomas will have an update on the storm timing on News 4 at noon today. 7 Day AM

Be sure and join Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer at 4, 5 6 and 10 tonight. We have to covered.. on all ends of the spectrum! 🙂

See y’all in the morning!

-Daphne DeLoren

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Building Heat, Spotty Storms, & a Little Less Humidity

So far this summer we’ve had 35 days with temperatures in the 90s.  We’ll add a bunch more to that tally this week.  We’ll have a few days with spotty thunderstorms.  We’ll even experience a little drop in humidity on Thursday.

This afternoon, Nashville had a high of 92.  As of 6:30pm, temperatures are still in the 80s.

DMA Temps_Renaissance.png

It feels like the 90s though.

DMA HeatIndex.png

As I type this, spotty showers are along the Cumberland Plateau.  They’re also here and there near the Tennessee River Valley.


This evening, the showers will fizzle quickly.  84 degrees is Nashville’s expected 7pm temperature.

SKY1 Evening.png

By dawn tomorrow, count on a few spots of fog in the deepest valleys, around water, and where we picked up some rain today.  It’ won’t be overly dense or widespread though.

Tomorrow afternoon, highs will be a lot like today’s — in the low 90s.

iCAST TomorrowsHighs.png

The difference between today and tomorrow is that storms should be a little more scattered tomorrow.  We’re not looking for organized severe weather.  We’re not looking for widespread rain either.  Showers will just have a better chance of forming in areas where we remained dry today, thanks to a cold front and a little energy in the upper atmosphere swinging our way from the north.


Take a look at FUTURECAST for tonight and tomorrow.

Wednesday will bring about spotty storms again.  Then, drier weather will take over on Thursday and Friday.  That not only means fewer showers and thunderstorms.  The humidity will also drop, just a smidge, especially along and north of Interstate 40.

This weekend, higher humidity will sneak back in.  At the same time, temperatures will remain in the low-mid 90s.  That means the heat index will approach or even top 100.  By Sunday and Monday, scattered showers and thunderstorms will reenter the picture in many communities.  With more widespread rain, temperatures will drop to around 90 for the start of next week.

7 Day PM.png

Watch Lisa Spencer tonight at 10pm.  She’ll show you the latest on Real Time Red Radar.  She’ll also let take a look at Tropical Storm Chris — likely to become our next hurricane as it lurks off the coast of the Carolinas.



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