March 16: Warm Weekend-Storms Monday

Wow what a Friday! The afternoon high soared to 73°.  Sunshine and a south wind helped to warm things up.  Monday will be a very different day as strong to severe storms could develop, more on that in a moment.  Let’s talk about the weekend weather first.

Temp 1

Cross Plains by: Colleen Keyes

More showers and a couple of thunderstorms are expected overnight. Rain will exit early Saturday.



Decreasing clouds Saturday will allow for a brighter afternoon. That’ll cause temperatures to climb into the upper 70s, even near 80. Perfect weather for St. Patrick’s Day fun around the mid state.

HOLIDAY St_Patricks_Day.png

Sunday will be mostly dry. Sunday night, more rain and thunderstorms will move in.

Monday will become partly sunny, with the threat of thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening.  A 4WARN Weather Alert in effect for late Monday due to the potential for strong-severe thunderstorms.  If it warms enough outdoors Monday afternoon, thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts, large hail, and isolated tornadoes will be possible. At this point the most likely timing is in a  window from 2pm to 10pm.


Tuesday through Thursday will be cooler. A few rain showers will linger into Tuesday. A few sprinkles or snow showers (plateau) will be possible Wednesday.

2018 4DAY UBER.png

I  hope you join me for an update on News 4 at 10pm.


Lisa Spencer

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Nice St. Patrick’s Day Weekend….Then Severe Weather Threat

This weekend will turn out nice, all in all.  However, on Monday the weather’s likely to head downhill as potentially severe thunderstorms move into Middle Tennessee.  A 4WARN Weather Alert has been issued for then.

Outdoors as of 9am today, it’s beautiful!

DMA Temps2.png

Temperatures are rising quickly through the 40s and 50s.

DMA Temps

However, another rain system’s approaching from the west.  Many of the showers you see over eastern Arkansas will dissipate as they slide into our area.  A few will survive though.


The rain chance in Nashville today is just 30%.  Showers are likely to develop around dinnertime.  Rain’s actually more likely along the Tennessee River Valley (50% chance).  East of Nashville should remain completely rain-free until tonight.

iCAST TodaysHighs

Tonight, rain coverage will expand.  A few downpours with a little lightning and thunder will be possible over eastern Middle Tennessee then.

Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, looks very good!  During the morning, showers will exit.  SO…expect lingering clouds and possibly an isolated shower for the start of the Music City 1/2 Marathon at 8am tomorrow.


Weather for the Music City Irish Fest couldn’t be much better!  It looks fantastic.  The festival is a free event with live music, food, beer, performers, etc at Public Square Park.  It begins at 11am and runs until 10:45pm.  Look at how warm it’ll get!


FUTURECAST shows how the clouds will part nicely during the day tomorrow.

Sunday will be partly cloudy and just a smidge cooler.  Sunday night, rain will return especially along and south of I-40.  Then Monday, if morning clouds depart quickly enough and temperatures climb into the 70s (or even upper 60s), severe thunderstorms will become likely for late in the day.

Damaging wind gusts, large hail, and isolated tornadoes will all be possible if that happens.  Again though, the potentially limiting factor will be the warmth…so hope for it to stay cloudy and cooler all day!

7 Day AM

Join us today on News4 at Noon.  I’ll have taken a look at new data and will have an update on the severe weather threat for early next week.



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March 15: Spring into the Weekend

Feeling like spring with warmer temperatures and some rain for the weekend. Today was sunshine all the way with a high of 72° in Nashville, that’s 11 degrees above the average.


Many people were enjoying the spring treat including these to puppies.


Tonight mostly clear and not as cold. Tomorrow, clouds will increase. A few showers will move in from the west during the afternoon. Expect highs in the low 60s. Friday night appears unsettled with showers and a few thunderstorms.  Here is the latest timing on Futurecast.


Most of that rain will clear the area by dawn on Saturday. Much of the Mid State will remain dry Saturday through dusk on Sunday. Just isolated showers are expected through that time.


Sunday night, more rain will move in especially over southern Middle Tennessee. Monday, showers and scattered thunderstorms will develop, primarily late in the day.

2018 4DAY UBER.png

Tuesday and Wednesday will be cooler with spotty showers and possibly a Cumberland Plateau flurry or two.

Tonight with a clear sky, you have a chance to see the planets Mercury and Venus. Look in the west sky as it starts to get dark. Mercury and Venus appear above the horizon as the sun sets. You don’t need a telescope to see them. Venus is the brightest and will appear first.


I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

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Weekend’s Looking Better

After a chilly last few days, today’s weather will be fantastic.  The weekend’s looking better than it did in recent days, too.

Outdoors as of 11am, it has already warmed well into the 50s!

DMA Temps.png

Sunshine’s large and in charge for the entire Mid State.

DMA Temps2.png

However, clouds over the Rockies and western Plains will make a run at us tomorrow bringing some rain.


In the meantime, this afternoon will turn warm with highs around 70.

iCAST TodaysHighs

Tonight won’t be as cold as last night.  Count on lows in the 40s.

iCAST TonightsLows

Tomorrow, clouds referenced above will move in.  Showers will arrive from the west, reaching Nashville during the afternoon commute.

Rain will continue in spots tomorrow night.  A few thunderstorms may also develop, especially over our southern counties.  Indications are now that any rain will clear the area by dawn on Saturday.

That’ll leave variable cloud cover and just the slightest chance for an isolated shower through the day on Saturday.

HOLIDAY St_Patricks_Day2

Sunday will be similar.  Then Sunday night, another rain system will approach and bring more rain especially for southern sections of the Mid State.

7 Day AM

We hope you join us for News4 at Noon.  I’ll cover the threat for additional rain and thunderstorms on Monday, some of which are showing early signs of the potential they could become strong.


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March 14: Spring Preview

After a couple of chilly days temperatures will be on the rise. Today the high reached 50° after a morning low of 30°, both about 10 degrees below average for mid March.

Tonight will be chilly, but not quite as cold as last night.  Expect lows in the 30s.  Another area of high pressure shifts east of Tennessee tomorrow, that will give the mid state more of a southerly wind and that is a warm wind. That is why tomorrow will be much warmer. After a chilly start, we’ll have highs in the upper 60s.

SKY1 Afternoon.png


Friday expect a variably cloudy sky with light to moderate rain showers. More rain is likely, possibly with a few thunderstorms Friday night through early  Sunday.  Here is the timing on the rain with the latest Futurecast.


The weekend won’t be a washout so don’t change outdoor plans, just remain in tune with the weather and have a plan B.

2018 4DAY UBER.png

Monday will be warm and a bit more humid. Late Monday, a round of thunderstorms will be possible. Tuesday looks cooler.

I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

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Warmer Times Ahead

After a very cold start today, temperatures will finally climb back to springlike levels and remain there for a while to come.

Temperatures outdoors as of 7am today are mainly in the 20s.

DMA Temps

It’s sunny everywhere in the Mid State — what a beautiful morning!

DMA Temps2.png

Later today, temperatures will climb to about where they were each of the last two afternoons.


iCAST TodaysHighs.png

As the wind shifts to more of a southwesterly direction tomorrow, look at how warm it’ll get.  It’ll actually feel more like April!

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

Then, on Friday, rain will return for some of us.  A weak weather system will move through then producing just a few rain showers.  Some rain’s likely again Friday night into early Saturday.  Plan on drier weather for late Saturday into Sunday, although given the weather pattern we’ll have in place, it’d be best to be ready for a few showers in spots on Sunday too.

Then, even warmer conditions will develop early next week.  A round of thunderstorms will be possible late Monday and Monday night.

7 Day AM

Watch News4 at noon later today.  I’ll share an updated view of FUTURECAST, showcasing the expected timing of rain for Friday and this weekend.



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March 13: Cold to Mild

A beautiful, but chilly day today, the afternoon high reached 52° after a morning low of 32° in Nashville. The temperatures still say Winter, but all the blooming trees and plants say Spring is almost here.


A significant freeze is expected area wide tonight as lows drop to the mid and upper 20s.

iCAST TonightsLows.png

A few flurries are possible overnight to east along the Cumberland Plateau. This should not supply any significant accumulation. Here’s the latest Futurecast prediction.


Tomorrow, will be cool again with highs near 50 under a mostly sunny sky.

Then, Thursday as winds kick around to the south warmer air will take over starting in the afternoon. We’ll have highs in the mid-upper 60s.

On Friday a developing system swings through producing  rain showers and a few thunderstorms.


Saturday will be unsettled with scattered showers and thunderstorms. None are expected to be severe. Sunday a few showers linger into the morning. Despite the forecasted rain, it is not expected to be enough to cause flooding problems.

The afternoon high will be mild over the weekend.

2018 4DAY UBER.png

I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

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