Brief Break from Rain

We’re in the midst of a brief break from rain right now.  However, soon enough, widespread showers and thunderstorms will return to Middle Tennessee.

Outdoors early this Monday afternoon, we have just a couple of sprinkles in Clay County near Celina.


Temperatures are mainly in the mid-upper 80s.

DMA Temps_NoSponsor

Humidity isn’t too bad, as the heat index (what it feels like outdoors) was running very close to the actual air temperature.

DMA HeatIndex

High temperatures will be about where temperatures stand now for this afternoon.

IPHONE Temp Forecast

This evening, the Nashville Sounds have a home game at First Tennessee Park.  It truly looks like a perfect evening for a ball game!


Lows overnight will be in the 60s.  Notice our Cumberland Plateau communities will dip very close to 60!  Refreshing!!

iCAST TonightsLows

Highs tomorrow will similar to today’s

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

FUTURECAST shows rain will be limited tomorrow.  Just a few showers and thunderstorms will develop, primarily over our western counties.

However, down the road notice how rain and storms will come roaring back!

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

Lisa Spencer will join you later today on News4 with a complete breakdown of when rain is mostly likely in your area each day and what our prospects for severe weather look like.


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