Spotty Storms Late Today….then Drying Out

Spotty thunderstorms are likely late today into early this evening.  Then, we’ll have a several-day period to dry out.

Outdoors as of 7am today, it was warm and humid.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Areas of dense fog continued.


A Dense Fog Advisory runs until 9am.


Notice that cluster of clouds along the IN/KY border?  That’s a little bundle of energy that’ll push southward into the Mid State around dinnertime tonight, helping to fire spotty showers and thunderstorms here.


FUTURECAST shows reasonable timing and placement for storms today & tonight.

Highs this afternoon will be around 90 for most of us.

iCAST TodaysHighs

For the tens of thousands of people going to the Kenny Chesney concert at Nissan Stadium tonight, it’ll be hot initially with the chance for some cooling showers sliding through.  Hopefully storms avoid downtown Nashville though.  There WILL be some in the area.


Late tonight, don’t miss the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower!  It’s actually tonight and tomorrow night.  Conditions will be best during the wee hours of the morning.  Just put yourself in an area away from lights and look up in a broad area of the sky.  Use your peripheral vision to take in as much of the sky as possible.  If you’re out in the country in the darkest of surroundings you could see as many as 50-60 per hour!

SPACE 2Temp.png

Watch News4 Today at 8am.  Desiree Wiley and I will be on until 8:30am.  I’ll break down the forecast for tomorrow and beyond.  We’ll also share a bunch of ideas for things to do out and about today.


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1 Response to Spotty Storms Late Today….then Drying Out

  1. Fred says:

    2018 is, likely, to be another year with no days of triple-digit heat. The highest, thus far, was 99, on July 4, which was the highest temperature in Nashville since August 2, 2012, which also peaked at 99. The last occurrence of 100-degree weather was on July 8, 2012. While nowhere near the record, we’re currently on the 6th-longest run of below 100:

    1. 4747 1881-08-14 through 1894-08-12
    2 .4018 1969-07-12 through 1980-07-11
    3 .2927 1991-07-24 through 1999-07-28
    4 .2572 1918-06-18 through 1925-07-02
    5. 2512 1936-08-29 through 1943-07-15
    6. 2224 2012-07-09 through 2018-08-10
    7. 2191 1956-08-19 through 1962-08-18
    8. 2167 1907-07-24 through 1913-06-28
    9. 2161 2000-08-18 through 2006-07-18
    10. 1831 1902-07-18 through 1907-07-22

    Period of record: 1873-12-01 to 2018-08-10

    Although triple-digit readings in Nashville have been recorded as late as September 11 (back in 1983), if they haven’t been registered through July, chances drop considerably. There have been only 9 instances of temperatures at or above 100 making their first appearance in the month of August, vs. 12 for June and 22 for July. Those are listed below, arranged from the earliest to latest date of occurrence:

    1947. 04 – 102
    1964. 04 – 101
    2010. 04 – 101
    1935. 07 – 102
    2007. 07 – 100
    1894. 13 – 100
    2000. 17 – 100
    1962. 19 – 101
    1951. 30 – 100

    As can be seen, over the last 55 years and counting, only in 2000 was the first 100-degree reading yet to be recorded this late in the season.

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