4 Things to Know About our Weather

There are 4 things you should know about our upcoming weather.  They are…

1) The next several days will be hot, even for August!

After a high temperature on Saturday of 95 degrees, today will also be hot, but not quite THAT hot, thankfully.  Outdoors as of 8am, most areas were in the mid-upper 70s.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

If you’re going to play a round of golf (or do anything outdoors), notice how temperatures will continue to ramp upward.

Golf Forecast

Highs this afternoon will be in the low 90s!

iCAST TodaysHighs

2) Spotty thunderstorms return today.

More moisture has streamed into Tennessee from the south overnight.  Notice it’s most concentrated along the Mississippi River Valley.


This added moisture, combined with the heat this afternoon will give rise to hit or miss showers and thunderstorms.  Severe weather is not expected, but some storms still could produce especially heavy downpours.  Take a look at FUTURECAST.  The best chance for rain will be along the TN River and near the Cumberland Plateau.


3) The middle of this week will be the wettest & the coolest.

Tuesday night, more widespread rain and storms will arrive from the northwest, sliding down into Middle Tennessee.  The rain chance will remain elevated Wednesday and Thursday.

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days.png

With more clouds and rain around then, highs will only be in the mid 80s.

4) Next weekend looks a lot like this weekend.

The weather system that makes the middle of the week unsettled will move away by the end of the week.  That means temperatures will have a chance to recover on Friday, but especially on Saturday.  Highs then will be around 90 degrees, which is average for this time of year.

7 Day AM

Dial up News4 later today for a look at the showers and storms near you.


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