Super Hot Saturday, with Rain to Return Soon

Today’s going to be a hot one!  Temperatures will flirt with the mid 90s in many areas.  Rain, however, will become the big story as we approach the middle of next week.  The heat will ease some by then.

Outdoors as of 9am, temperatures were already around 80 degrees.

DMA Temps_NoSponsor

It was bright, with just a few clouds passing over southeastern Middle Tennessee.


A dome of high pressure nearby will keep sunshine and building heat firmly in control.  Rain will remain at a minimum all day.


The rain chance this afternoon will be 20% around Nashville, but as high as 30% for the Cumberland Plateau.  Any showers that develop this afternoon will dissipate by 8pm tonight.

Notice down near the Gulf coast.  There’s more significant cloud cover and showers near New Orleans.  That deeper moisture will push northward tomorrow and Monday, boosting our rain chance here.


Here’s a look at how tomorrow will go.

Highs tomorrow will be within a couple degrees of today’s.  Expect a few more clouds tomorrow, too.

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

Looking at the week as a whole, the rain chance will increase further on Tuesday.  It peaks Wednesday, but stays significant Thursday.  On Friday, the weather system responsible for our midweek rain pushes east of Middle Tennessee allowing afternoon temperatures to climb back into the upper 80s.  Humidity will be high all week, too.

7 Day AM

Be sure to watch Cody Murphy this evening on News4.  He’ll show you where any rain showers have developed, and where they’re headed next.


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