Fantastic Weekend…then Rain Returns

This will be a fantastic weekend for weather.  Then, rain will return Sunday night into Monday.

Outdoors as of 9am on this Saturday it was already warming up nicely!

DMA Temps_NoSponsor

A few high clouds were passing through.  At least the humidity was relatively low (for this time of year).  Dew points were in the 60s, which is pleasant after all the oppressive days we’ve had.

If you’re going shopping today, the malls open in less than an hour as I type this.  Don’t forget an extra dose of patience!  Finding a parking spot’s going to be a trick.

EVENT_c 1Temp.png

Highs this afternoon will be at or just below average.

iCAST TodaysHighs

If you go swimming this afternoon, it’ll be nice to not have to worry about thunderstorms.  The rain chance is super low — 5%!  When you get out of the water, a light northerly wind (5-10 mph) may even make you feel a little cool until you dry off, thanks to that drier airmass settling in.

Pool Forecast

FUTURECAST today and tomorrow remains trouble-free.  However, tomorrow night a few showers and thunderstorms will arrive from the northwest.  Widely scattered showers and storms will be possible anywhere in the Mid State on Monday.

It’s even possible a strong storm or two develop south of Nashville on Monday afternoon producing damaging wind gusts.  That’s something we’ll have to watch.  The chance of severe weather isn’t very high, however.

On Tuesday, the rain chance will skyrocket.  That will be the wettest day in of the next seven.  Showers and storms will linger into Wednesday too.

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

Be sure to watch Cody Murphy later today on News4.  He’ll show you exactly how temperatures will respond to the ups and downs with our chances for rain this week.


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