Building Heat, Lower Humidity, & a Spectacular Showing in Outer Space

There’s quite a bit to talk about tonight including building heat, another refreshing drop in humidity, and a show in outer space you don’t want to miss!

First things first, and that is the heat!  Today wasn’t too bad by July standards.  The temperature officially climbed to 87 degrees in Nashville.  Outdoors as of 6pm, this is where we stand.

DMA Temps_NoSponsor

Overnight, under a mainly clear sky, temperatures will drop back into the 60s.

iCAST TonightsLows

Fog won’t be a major concern on the Cumberland Plateau tomorrow morning as it was the last couple of mornings.

Highs tomorrow afternoon will be close to 90 for many of you reading this.  We expect more sunshine and even fewer rain showers than we saw today.

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

FUTURECAST shows the lack of rain expected over the next 24 hours…

With few clouds and little rain tonight, think about stepping outdoors to see Mars, Saturn, and the moon, even for just a moment.  You won’t regret it.  All will look magnificent!

Mars has been putting on a show for a while now.  It’s the brightest it’s been since 2003!  It’ll be at its peak brightness for years to come in a week — on July 31st.


Mars will rise in the east around sunset and travel across the sky through the overnight, opposite the sun.  That’s why we say Mars is currently at “opposition”.

Meanwhile, tonight, Saturn and the moon will be side-by-side.  They’ll rise just before Mars, also in the east.  If you have access to a decent telescope, dial up Saturn tonight or anytime over the next several weeks.  You’ll clearly see the giant planet plus its heavenly rings!  I did that just a week ago.

Later this week, Saturn and the moon will distance themselves from one another as Mars and the moon grow closer together.

Back to planet Earth now.  Thursday night and early Friday our rain chance will increase, albeit slightly, thanks to another cold front that will pass through the Mid State.  That front will cause our humidity to drop just in time for the weekend.  It’s likely the humidity this weekend will be EVEN LOWER than it was last weekend!

7 Day PM

Watch Lisa Spencer tonight on News4 at 10pm.  She’ll tell you all about a soggy set-up we expect early next week.


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