Unsettled, but Cooler Weekend

This weekend will be unsettled and cooler than average — very different from most of the weekends thus far this summer.

Outdoors as of 7am, temperatures were lowest where rain and severe storms visited last night (communities east of I-65).  West of I-65 it was generally very warm and very humid!

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Real Time Red Radar showed just spotty showers east of Nashville and down along the TN/AL line.


Look at all the “H”s and “W”s indicating hail reports and wind damage reports respectively from last night.


Golfball size hail was very common where you see the “H”s.  Softball size hail was reported in Tompkinsville, KY!

Rainfall totals were phenomenal over eastern Middle Tennessee from last night’s storms.


For those curious why very little happened along and west of I-65 for storms, the reason is that there was a “cap” or “lid” on the atmosphere that never broke down completely.  That cap prevented storms from forming over west Tennessee and western Middle Tennessee (where the cap strength was greatest).

Through today, isolated showers and thundershowers will develop, with the best chance being east of I-24.  Take a look at FUTURECAST for today and tonight.  Notice how any showers/storms that form will dissipate quickly this once the sun goes down.

High temperatures today will be in the mid-upper 80s for most of us today.

iCAST TodaysHighs

Tomorrow, high temperatures will be notably lower, as more clouds and rain showers are expected.

iCAST TomorrowsHighs.png

Here’s how tomorrow will unfold in terms of the rain development.

Looking down the road, we’ll keep a decent chance for showers and storms through Monday.  That chance will diminish some Tuesday through Thursday, before increasing again late Friday into next weekend.

7 Day AM

Watch News4 at 5pm this afternoon.  Melanie Layden will break down the forecast for the next week even further.


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  1. Fred says:

    Somewhat unusual that widespread storms of such strength spared Nashville from the havoc they unleashed elsewhere. In light of the severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch issued yesterday, it was rather puzzling, though reassuring, seeing fair-weather cumulus until dusk last night. Count us lucky, then. The above-mentioned cap, likely, had quite a lot to do with the sweltering conditions well past midnight. To illustrate how muggy it was, around 2 a.m., the temperature remained at a toasty 83 degrees and with an oppressive dew point of 76 deg., the resultant heat index was 91! This combo of early hours heat and humidity rivaled the pressure-cooker night of July 12, 2011, when the heat index was an incredible 96 degrees around 1 a.m., though we’d had more stifling nights, overall, since then, in particular, during July 2015, which often featured dangerously high dew point values. Fortunately, the trace of precipitation that fell overnight, helped cool us down to a reasonable low of 68, the lowest it’s been thus far in July. The corresponding drop in humidity allowed for the spectacular weather this afternoon, with plenty of the bright blue above.

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