4WARN Weather Alert Day

**4WARN Weather Alert Day with strong to severe thunderstorms likely**

Say whaaat?! How can it be with all this sunshine and beauty to start off our morning?


Quit, peaceful & beautiful with temperatures (8:47 AM) just inching into the lower 80s…DMA Temps_NoSponsor

Two ingredients favorable for strong storms:


2. high humidity

We have both..


DMA Dew PointsiCAST TodaysHighs

A cold front currently bringing portions of Arkansas and Missouri showers and storms, is headed our way.. slowly but surely.. SATRAD_3D

Areas under the

RED = level 4 on a 1 to 5 scale for any storm to reach severe criteria

ORANGE = level 3 on a 1 to 5 scale for any storm to reach severe criteria


Damaging Wind, large hail & tornadoes are all fair game..

Now is the time to have a plan! Make sure your phone is fully charged and have the ‘WSMV WX app’ downloaded.. in case your power cuts out, you can still tune in to know where the storm is.

If a tornado warning is issued in your area, know where your safe place is! Think: lowest lying interior.. as many walls between you and the storm. A basement is great! A bath tub is great! Interior closet away from windows is great!

You do not want to be in a car and the worst place possible is in a mobile home. Seek sturdy shelter. Protect your head and body with pillows, blanket and even a helmet.

These storms will be fast-moving so the threat for flooding is on the lower end of the spectrum.SEVERE THREAT

With the exception of a few isolated storms, most of our daylight hours will be dry..FutCAST RPMb4km SATRADFutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD1

Showers and storms will push NW to SE starting around 6 PM..


This is round #1…FutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD3FutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD4

I expect multiple waves..


Earlier storms and the lose of daytime heating will aid in stabilizing the atmosphere after 3am or so.. few showers linger into early Saturday morning…


Temperatures will not be as high behind this cold front.. upper 80s on Saturday.. lower 80s on Sunday.

Plan on times of rain this weekend as well!7 Day AM

Join us on News 4 at noon today for an updated time on storms moving in ater today and weekend storm timing as well.


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