Ice Cold Water Please

Now would be a great time to drink some ICE COLD water! Yes! It is hot.. and only getting hotter. 8:51 AM and temperatures are already touching the 80s.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Lots of sunshine and heat today! iCAST TodaysHighsDMA Dew Points

Daytime highs will be sizzling in the lower 90s and with high humidity it will FEEL like the mid to upper 90s.iCAST HeatIndex_OneTime

Expect spotty showers and storms during the afternoon and evening before drier and less humid air works its way in as soon as tomorrow!FutCAST RPMb4km SATRADFutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD1

Just when you think it cannot get hot enough.. mid 90s are in store for your Friday!7 Day AM

Our Meteorologist Cody Murphy will have the latest on this heat stretch and if there’s any relief in the near future at noon today!


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