Lower Humidity Then Building Heat

There are a few big stories in our weather over the next few days.  First, more storms are on the way, so if you’ve missed out on rain lately and you’re hoping for some, relief could be just around the corner for you.  We’re also expecting a slight drop in humidity on Thursday.  Finally, the week will end on an even hotter note.  Mid 90s will more common then.

This evening as of just before 6pm, spotty showers and a few thunderstorms were holding on.  Some downpours were over the Nashville area.  Others were scattered about, with the greatest concentration over southeastern Middle Tennessee.


Temperatures were very variable, with the coolest areas either receiving rain or having just received rain.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Meanwhile, humidity was high for everyone.  Dew points around 70 indicate the air is very oppressive.  Look at Paris and Cookeville — swampy!

DMA Dew Points.png

This evening, rain will dissipate around sunset — 8pm.

Tomorrow morning, like this morning, expect spotty fog mainly around water and in valleys.

iCAST TonightsLows.png

During the afternoon, spotty thunderstorms will develop again.  Highs will be like they were today — in the low 90s in general.

You won’t see it reflected in the 7-day outlook below, but on Thursday the humidity will drop just a little along and north of I-40 thanks to a weak cold front that will settle through tomorrow.  Many of you will be able to feel that difference, especially during the morning.  However, by afternoon temperatures will climb even higher than on previous days partly negating the improved feel in the air.

7 Day PM

Watch Lisa Spencer on News4 this evening.  She’ll update you on the showers and storms as they wind down across the Mid State on Real Time Red Radar.



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