Better Feel in the Air This Weekend

Maximize your time outdoors this weekend, as we’ll finally have a BETTER FEEL in the air!  Humidity will be down just a smidge.  Temperatures will be lower by a pinch.  Even though these are subtle changes, many of you will still be able to feel the difference.

If you step out early on this Saturday, you might be able to feel that change.  You should, especially over northern Middle Tennessee.  As of 8am, temperatures there were still in the 60s in some areas (and the sun’s been up for more than two hours)!

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Dew points (a way we quantify the mugginess) were notably lower, too.  Dew points in the upper 50s & low-mid 60s signifies drier air than dew points in the 70s (which is what we’ve had for most of the last month).

DMA Dew Points

Clouds were increasing over Nashville as of 8am, building in from the southeast.


Meanwhile, farther south and east it was even cloudier.  The green encircled area shows where it’ll remain mostly cloudy today.  The best rain chance will be there too, along with the lowest temperatures.


FUTURECAST shows how showers and thunderstorms will gradually develop, slowing sliding west-northwestward.


Highs will be in the 80s!

iCAST TodaysHighs

A shower will be possible for both the Nashville Sounds and Nashville SC games tonight, although it’s more likely showers push through Nashville before those games.



Lows tonight will be similar to last night’s.  Temperatures will dip into the 60s and lowermost 70s.

iCAST TonightsLows.png

FUTURECAST tomorrow shows all areas will be fair game for a few showers and thunderstorms as we head through the day.

Watch Desiree Wiley and me on News4 Today at 9am!  She’ll share the latest news, while I’ll show you what weather changes we expect this week.  I’ll also take a look at a developing tropical system soon to impact the United States.


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