Hurricane Beryl gaining strength

Beryl becomes first Hurricane of the season in Atlantic Ocean.

The National Hurricane Center upgraded Hurricane Beryl early Friday morning. Beryl is a very compact storm with sustained winds of 80mph gusting to 100mph at times. Hurricane force winds only extend out from the center by ten miles. The storm is heading west northwestward towards the Lesser Antilles at a fairly slow pace but is expected to gain forward momentum through the weekend.
Beyond the Lesser Antilles, Beryl looks to slide just south of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola sometime late Sunday into Monday. There the system will run into the mountainous terrain of Hispaniola, a highly sheared area and dry Saharan dust. A combination of these three will help keep the system from further development.
However, long-term forecasts still have Beryl staying somewhat organized into the middle of next week. So, this is certainly a storm to keep an eye on!
Obviously, Beryl means nothing to our local forecast right now.
There’s also another area of interest off the coast of the Carolina’s that’s showing better signs of organization. The National Hurricane Center is giving this system an 80% chance for development through the weekend.
This system looks to meander in the Atlantic between the Carolina’s and Bermuda over the next few days.
There is low certainty on the exact track of the system right now.
The 4WARN Weather team will keep a close eye on both systems.
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