Scary Heat Again Today

Yesterday was crazy hot! It was the HOTTEST day so for in 2018! Nashville hit a whopping 99 degrees but that did not stop many from celebrating our countries Birthday. We do not escape the heat.. just yet. We will very soon though.

It is only 8:40am as I sit down to type and the Mid State sits in the upper 70s to lower 80s..

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Dew point news:

Soupy! DMA Dew Points

Dew point temperatures in the low to mid 70s will combine will upper 90s to make it FEEL more like the triple digits.iCAST TodaysHighs

If you can take your afternoon pool plans or outdoor chores and reschedule for the morning or evening, that would be my recommendation. Here’s what it will feel like at the peak of daytime heating in the afternoon today..iCAST HeatIndex_OneTime

Needless to say, a Heat Advisory is in effect for all areas under the ORANGE color until 8 pm tonight. Please check on elderly, children and pets. Drink plenty of water and grab a big floppy hat to help protect you from the heat. Light and loose clothing are also helpful.WATCHWARN_1

Ready for some good news?! I think so..

A cold front currently bringing heavy rain to portions of Kansas and Missouri is headed our way bringing alongside much welcomed relief from the scorching heat.SATRAD_3D

Clouds, showers and storms are headed to Nashville, especially during the afternoon into the evening on Friday. This will pull temperatures back closer to average in the upper 80s.Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

Seasonable temperatures, drier air and even some relief from oppressive humidity is in store behind the front… triple score!7 Day AM

Enjoy the upper 80s before 90s make a quick comeback next week!

Meteorologist Cody Murphy will have the timing on the rain on News 4 at noon today! Hope you join!


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