Likely Our Hottest Day of The Year

Today is the Fourth of July, which means lots of BBQ and family fun! The timing of dangerous could be better for outdoor plans. I think today will be the hottest day so far in 2018. We hit 96 on June 16th and June 17th.. which is the same number I’m forecasting in Nashville today.

It is only 8:07 AM and temperatures have already broken the lower 80s in several spots.

DMA Temps_Renaissance

Highs will scorch into the upper 90s in Nashville, close to ten degrees above average according to early July standards.iCAST TodaysHighs

The key player in what it will feel like.. is the dew point. Low to upper 70s of a dew point temperature is extremely high! DMA Dew Points

It will make it feel SOUPY outside and make actual air temperatures in the mid/upper 90s FEEL more like the triple digits.iCAST HeatIndex_OneTime

A HEAT ADVISORY has been extended further south to include most of the Mid State until 8 PM this evening.


I would save pool plans for the morning or evening. If you must head out in the afternoon, you know the drill! Layer up on sunscreen, drink plenty of water, take AC breaks, dress in light/loose clothing…

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

An approaching cold front will bring some relief from the heat and humidity late weekend into the weekend. Clouds and showers arrive by Friday morning and highs will drop back to average in the upper 80s both Friday and on Saturday. Nice! Hang tight!7 Day AM

I’ll have an update coming up on News 4 at noon today.. hope you join me!


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2 Responses to Likely Our Hottest Day of The Year

  1. Fred says:

    Happy Fourth, everyone!
    The weather today has put on quite a show, in the temperature department, at least. Nashville has had its hottest day since August 2, 2012, hitting 99 degrees on both occasions. It’s now the 3-rd highest reading on this date, behind 2012 and 1948, 103 and 101, respectively. The low of 75 is tied for the second highest, along with 2016, 1983, 1928, 1888 and 1876, behind only 1921, which bottomed out at a toasty 76. The daily mean of 87 makes this July 4th the second hottest on record, only 2012, with its mean of 88.5 being hotter. Nashville’s weather is known for its unpredictability and the Independence Day isn’t immune to its whims. The fact was well illustrated, when five years ago, we had the coolest daily max temperature for the date, a meager 71 degrees, which followed the record heat from the year before. And that temperature was measured at night, daytime being cooler still. With some luck, it won’t rain, as only once in the previous six years Nashville had a dry 4th of July, namely in 2014, which had, probably, the best weather you can hope for this time of year, mild and refreshingly free from the usual mugginess.

  2. Fred says:

    July is off to a blistering start, charging out of the gate like an enraged bull. The first five days are the second hottest on record, with an 85.7 degree average. Only July 2012, featuring a continuation of the most remarkable heat wave on record, started out hotter, averaging 88.8 by this point, the most scorching beginning to any month. I already wrote about it in this blog last year:, and the local weather office has the article you can read here:
    Even more impressive stat are the sultry minimum temperatures, which, month-to-date, equal the all-time record from the aforementioned July 2012: 75.6 degrees. Today, actually, is a hotter day, overall, than yesterday, with an 87.5 mean, in fact, it’s the single hottest day in Nashville since July 7, 2012 (yet, another reference to that month), which averaged 89 degrees. We should get back to normal conditions for the next few days, before another prolonged heat-wave is likely to materialize next week.

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