Sizzling Heat & Fourth Rain

A brand new week!

We start off warm and muggy but rain-free (7:46 AM)…VIDEO LYNXDMA Temps_ServproDMA Dew Points

Sizzling heat is the trend once again today.. and all week!Pool Forecast

Low 90s will really FEEL like the upper 90s to even triple digits when you factor in humidity…iCAST HeatIndex_OneTime

This week is a typical summer-like set up across the Mid State.. hot and humid with the chance for afternoon to early evening thunderstorms each day.Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

Much of the same Tuesday and on the Fourth of July. Plan on afternoon storms and some could even linger into fireworks plans. I don’t want you to cancel your plans but be weather-aware and prepared with a plan B.. in case a thunderstorm passes you by. Our WSMV WX app will be very handy!7 Day AM

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I start my day with a Daily Drop of Sunshine! Though I would share today’s on here…

As you wake up & start your day, I challenge you to not dread Monday. It’s a brand new fresh start to the week. It sets the trend for the days ahead.. what we fill our minds with (especially at the start of the day) will not only impact our mood for the remainder of the day but our attitude is contagious to those who surround us! When we radiate positivity, everyone benefits. When we complain and radiate negativity, we become toxic to those surrounding us.. the best part.. you get to decide!

-Daphne DeLoren

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