Extreme Heat in the forecast this weekend

After a very stormy weekend we’re getting a break from all the rain. At least for one or two days.

There will still be a few pop up afternoon storms through the weekend but by far the heat will be the bigger story.
Right now, there is a Heat Advisory in place for all of the western counties in Tennessee and Kentucky.
It’s not just the Mid-State that’ll be dealing with the heat this weekend. Much of the country is under some type of heat warning all weekend long.
It’ll actually be much hotter to our west.
The afternoon highs both Saturday and Sunday will top out in the mid 90’s.
Sure, we’ve seen these temperatures already a few times this year but this weekend it all comes down to the humidity.
With the humidity factored in, our “Feels Like” temperatures will be in the triple digits.
Many areas Saturday and Sunday will be feeling like 100-110° outside.
It’s extremely important to stay hydrated and cool through the weekend.
The main driver behind this extreme heat is what we call an Upper Level High.
Basically, the Upper Level High or Ridge of High Pressure will settle into the eastern half of the country.
During these patterns, dry sinking air will allow for temperature to soar!
Looking ahead to next week, this high will break down a bit allowing for more inclement weather to build back in. We’ll have more in the way of clouds and rain next week keeping our afternoon highs closer to 90°.
For a check of the 7-Day forecast to look at the Fourth of July weather click here.
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