The longest days of the year are here

Today is the last day of spring for Middle TN.

Even though we’ve felt like summer for several weeks now, it doesn’t officially begin until Thursday at 5:07AM.
What’s fun about the summer solstice is the day before and the day summer begins.
The reason is because it’s the two longest days of the year.
Today and tomorrow Middle TN will see 14 hours 37 minutes and 19 seconds of daylight.
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The Winter Solstice (first day of winter) on December 21st is when we see the shortest amount of daylight in the day.
On that day we will see 9 hours 41 minutes 54 seconds of daylight.
Beginning Friday our amount of daylight during the days will decrease.
It’s a slow decrease in daylight hours but over several months it’s mind blowing how much light we lose.
Here’s a look at the sunset times for the next few weeks.
Notice how soon sunset is once we get to September and especially Daylight Saving Time in November.
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  1. Fred says:

    Fun facts. Since the relation between sunrise, day length and sunset is not linear, the latest sunset time in Nashville this year will be 8:08PM, from June 24 through July 3, while the earliest sunrise, at 5:29AM had already occurred, between June 6 and yesterday.
    Getting back to weather, month-to-date this is the 9th-hottest June with the 79.5 degrees average. Temperatures are expected to be somewhat lower than average or normal until weekend. Unless the final week will continue that trend, it’s practically guaranteed that this June should eclipse the scorcher from 2016, with only June of 2010 being the hotter month of this name over the last 65 years.

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