Here Comes Rain & the Potential for a Few Strong Storms

Rain and thunderstorms have been very spotty over the last few days.  That will change dramatically Thursday and Friday as our next important weather system moves into Middle Tennessee.

Here’s a bird’s eye view (so to speak) of that system — the one over southeast Texas.


Notice how the chance for rain each day will ramp up and peak on Thursday and Friday because of this weather set-up.  It won’t rain all day either of those days.  Showers and thunderstorms will just be more common and frequent.  Most areas will receive at least some rain on both Thursday and Friday.  Many areas will actually receive multiple rounds of rain.

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

As for this evening, expect just very isolated showers to continue to diminish.  As of just before 5pm, there were only a few showers over West Tennessee.


Temperatures were in the 90s again, with the heat index for most around 100.

DMA Temps_NoSponsor

Tonight will be mainly clear and uneventful.  Spotty storms will develop tomorrow from about mid morning on.

Highs tomorrow will be in the low 90s.

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

FUTURECAST shows how storms will materialize Thursday.  Any areas that warm well into the 80s either Thursday or Friday could have a strong storm or two during the afternoon.  Damaging wind and large hail (1″ diameter or less) would be the primary threats.

Watch Lisa Spencer tonight on News4 at 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm.  She’ll help you make outdoor plans for the weekend by sharing her latest thoughts on Friday through Sunday.


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