Sizzling Heat before even Hotter

Natures fog machine has been hard at work this morning! Dense fog with visibility near zero in some places has improved for many spots (8:40am as I type here) but some areas are still struggling. Orange = 1/2 visibility and yellow = one mile visibility.

Check it out…


Lingering moisture from a weak passing cold front blankets is the reason for the fog and blanket of clouds.. DMA Temps_Renaissance

Low to mid 70s to start.. upper 80s/lower 90s by this afternoon…iCAST TodaysHighs

As high pressure and drier air build in, slight relief from the oppressive humidity will arrive by the second half of today. You’ll also notice decreasing clouds going into the afternoon. Friday will be hot and Saturday? What the heck! A decent chance we’ll hit the mid-90s.. about ten degrees above average for mid-June.7 Day AM

Cody Murphy will have an update on News 4 at noon today!


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