CMA Fest & Bonnaroo Forecast

Crystal blue skies lead to very warm temperatures this morning! Upper 60s to lower 70s.. wowza.

DMA Temps

This is just the start. Highs will be toasty, in the lower 90s. With high humidity, it will feel like hot soup.

Today is a big day! It’s the start of CMA Fest and Bannaroo. Please hydrate with plenty of water, wear sunscreen, choose light colored loose clothing and throw on a hat. If you can, take shade and air conditioning breaks.EVENT 1TempEVENT 2Temp

The Sounds take on Reno once again this evening. It will be warm, humid and rain0-free. Not bad.SOUNDS

A Code Orange Air Quality Alert is in effect for all counties under the tan color. This is basically ozone concentrations near the surface approaching unhealthy levels. The general public is not likely to be affected. Active people and those with a respiratory disease like Asthma, should limit prolonged periods of time outdoors.WATCHWARN_3

Hot and humid in the days ahead. An isolated storm is possible on Saturday but the better chance for rain this weekend will be on Sunday, lasting into early next week. The heat? It carries on!7 Day AM

Stay cool!


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