Hot few days for CMA/Bonnaroo this weekend

CMA Fest and Bonnaroo begin tomorrow here in Middle TN.

Which ever event you plan on going to there’s on thing you can NOT forget – WATER!
In typical CMA/Bonnaroo fashion, it’s going to be a toasty few days.
Highs Thursday through Sunday are expected to top out in the upper 80’s and low 90’s.
So, it is extremely important to stay hydrated those days – yes, that means taking breaks from the craft beer and jugging some water from time to time.
It’s also going to remain very sunny with no rain Thursday and Friday so you’ll also want to layer up on the sun screen.
With no sun screen on you can catch a sunburn in as little as 10 minutes.
Here’s a look at the Thursday forecast for CMA and Bonnaroo.
For a full breakdown of the weekend click here for our 7-Day forecast.
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