CMA Fest and Bannaroo this Week

Double score! Yesterday was beautiful and so is today.

Delightful sunshine, low to upper 60s (8:12 am) and comfortable in the humidity department.DMA Temps

DMA Dew Points

The only difference between yesterday and today will be slightly warmer temperatures in the upper 80s and just a touch more humid.. still not bad!Day Planner AMShow

If plans take you out to the ball game this evening, the Sounds take on Reno and the forecast will be… well.. a winner. Clear skies, warm and nice! Enjoy!SOUNDS

This week is a big week, with CMA Fest and Bonnaroo both starting on Thursday. It will be hot and muggy under plenty of sunshine. A friendly reminder to hydrate.. even when you’re not thirsty!EVENT 1TempEVENT 2Temp

The next few days are looking very good and similar! 90s are around the corner and we even have some rain in our weekend forecast.7 Day AM

Dan Thomas will have an update on that coming up on News 4 at noon today. Hope you join!

A little morning pick-me up for you.. it costs NOTHING to believe in yourself and everything to not.

Have a Blessed day!

-Daphne DeLoren

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