Holiday Weekend Rain

A warm and dry start to our Friday morning!

DMA Temps

It was humid yesterday.. down right uncomfortable today! Winds switch gears to be out of the south, pulling in a little more moisture with it.  DMA Dew Points

After a dry couple of days, some big changes are in store going into our Memorial Day holiday weekend. An upper level weak system will squeeze a few spotty afternoon storms today. Not a big deal.. no washout! Just have the umbrella handy. FutCAST RPMb4km SATRADFutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD1FutCAST RPMb4km SATRAD2

**Quick pause before I dive into the timing of round #2**

Daytime highs will be scorching once again. Yesterday we hit 90 and today will not be far from it, in the upper 80s around town. iCAST TodaysHighs

If you’re heading to the Sounds Game this evening, first pitch is at 6:35 PM. A passing shower or thunderstorm is possible but it won’t be a washout by any means. Bring a poncho just in case!SOUNDS

Ok, here’s where my eye is at. A developing system off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. This system continues to strengthen and expected to develop into a Tropical Storm, especially as it treds through the warm Gulf waters. Though we will not see a direct impact in the Mid State, we will get a decent soaking of rain and thunderstorms in the days ahead.SATRAD_3D

Any outdoor chores, errands or runs should be taken advantage of on Saturday morning. FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD

Scattered showers and thunderstorms arrive by Saturday afternoon, fizzling out considerably by Saturday night.FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD1FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD2FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD3

Round #3 of rain arrives by late Sunday morning, turning into a widespread event by the afternoon. Check it out…FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD4FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD5FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD6FutCAST RPM12km SATRAD7

I’m confident enough to turn our rain chances up a notch, to a 70% chance on Sunday. Memorial Day is looking rather wet as well so you’ll want a plan B. How about movies, popcorn and games with family and friends inside? Just an idea. 🙂Rain Chance GRAPH_Days

There is ALWAYS a bright side in a forecast and I think our friends suffering with allergies will appreciate this! Rain brings some relief from the pollen this weekend… triple score!

Pollen Forecast

Keep the umbrella handy every day in the week ahead. Some days will be more unsettled than others but we won’t see a completely dry day for a long minute.7 Day AM

Our Meteorologist Cody Murphy will have the latest timing on your holiday weekend rain coming up on News 4 at noon today. Hope you join him!


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