Unsettled weather pattern moves in

After a string of 90-degree days we’re starting to “cool” off.

I say “cool” because it’s still going to be unusually warm for the back half of May but not 90’s.  We should be right around 78° this time of year.
Here’s Thursday’s highs.
Today also marks the beginning of a very unsettled weather pattern here in the Mid State. Each day heading into the weekend we’ll see showers and storms popping up.
Here’s what’s the next few days look like.
Thursday afternoonCapture2
Friday afternoon
The weekend we’ll a bit of a lull in the action but still a few showers will be around. Of the two days Saturday looks to be the driest.
Saturday afternoon
Sunday afternoon
Due to the lack of rain and clouds temperatures will be a little warmer for the weekend.
For a look at the full weekend forecast click here.
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