The Heat Is ON

The atmospheric heater has turned on!

We’re in store for the warmest stretch of weather since the last week of September.

Thursday through the middle of next week we’ll stay in the upper 80’s. For those keeping count, that’s about an 8-15 degree climb above the normal mid-70’s for this time of year.


With plenty of moisture to tap into and enough umphhh in the atmosphere we can’t rule out a few isolated showers/storms each day moving forward. However, rain chances still appear to be on the low side of things. It also look like folks north of I-40 will have a better chance for a spotty storm or two.


BIG GAME tomorrow for the Nashville Predators.

Thankfully, rain shouldn’t be an issue for those going downtown to root them on!



Mother’s Day weekend is coming up quick and the forecast looks about the same. Low rain chances, hot and near-record temperatures.

We have Mother’s Day Sunday at 90°. On average, we don’t typically see our first 90° day until June 3rd.

For a look at the Mother’s Day weekend forecast, you can click here.



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