Upcoming Weather: 4 Things to Know

There are 4 things you should know about our upcoming weather.  They are….

1) Today is THE DAY to spend time outdoors.

It’s absolutely gorgeous outdoors this morning and will continue to be all day long!  Temperatures as of 9am look like this.

DMA Temps

Look at all that sunshine!

DMA Temps2

Highs this afternoon will be in the lower 80s in general, with just a few clouds, no rain, low humidity and little wind (northeast wind at 5 mph).

iCAST TodaysHighs

2) Rain returns tomorrow, for some of you.

After a dry day today, a few showers and thunderstorms will return to the area tomorrow.  It won’t be a rainy day.  Many spots will miss the rain completely, too.  However, there WILL be some showers and thunderstorms that push through.

A storm or two could become strong especially north of Nashville.

3) This weekend will be very hot.

Very hot weather’s the main story this weekend.  The hottest weather of the year will develop then (actually it’ll start on Friday).

7 Day AM

4) Sunday night, scattered thunderstorms will return.

Late in the weekend (late Sunday afternoon or Sunday night) a line of thunderstorms will push southward into the Mid State from Kentucky.  Look for some of those storms to linger here and there into Monday.

Join me on News4 at Noon today.  I’ll have a new round of data to share with you on the scattered storms expected for tomorrow.


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