4 Things to Know About our Upcoming Weather

There are 4 things to know about our upcoming weather.  They are…

1) Today’s going to be the hottest day of the year!

Lots of sunshine at midday is making for a hot lunch hour.  Already at noon, we’ve tied the high for yesterday — 80 degrees.

DMA Temps.png

Later this afternoon, temperatures will soar into the mid 80s in spots.

iCAST TodaysHighs.png

2) Tonight will remain mild as humidity sneaks in.

Temperatures by morning will be in the upper 50s and low 60s.

iCAST TonightsLows

Right now, dew points (what we use to quantify how muggy it feels outdoors) are mainly in the 40s.  Overnight, increasing humidity will cause dew points to increase into the 50s.

DMA Dew Points.png

3) Tomorrow will trump today for the hottest of 2018.

Look at tomorrow’s highs.  Nashville should reach 85!

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

4) Rain will hold off until Friday for most.

Isolated showers and thunderstorms will be possible over our far northwestern counties on Thursday afternoon and evening.  However, Friday will feature widely scattered showers and storms.  A few showers will even linger into Saturday.

7 Day AM

Watch Lisa Spencer later today at 4pm.  She’ll show you where the hottest places are for the drive home.


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