April 30: Summer-like Week

A taste of summertime this week with temperatures soaring to the 80s.  This morning felt like winter was returning again on the last day of April as a record low was set in Nashville.  It dropped to 37°, that ties the old record from 1908. Crossville also set a record low with 34°, set in 2008.


Tonight won’t be as cold, with the low near 50. Perfect weather to do a little sky gazing. The moon will be brilliant again tonight with what will appear to be a bright start, that is actually Jupiter.


With brilliant sunshine tomorrow will be even warmer than today. Highs will be in the low 80s.

It gets even warmer. A persistent southerly wind the high are expect to reach the  mid 80s on Wednesday and Thursday.

With that south wind also transporting moisture into Middle Tennessee, not only will you feel the increase in humidity, but it will also set the stage for thunderstorms. Friday will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms, they are not expected to be severe.

2018 4DAY UBER.png

Saturday and isolated shower is possible and Sunday will be drier under a partly cloudy sky.

I’ll have an update on News 4 Today.

Lisa Spencer

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Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4 Nashville. You can catch her weathercasts weekdays at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm and 10pm.
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  1. Fred says:

    April review
    The principle feature of April 2018 was the prevalence of lower temperatures. It became the first colder-than-average month of its name since 2008, thus snapping what was the second-longest warm streak for any month. At 55.3 degrees, it was the coldest April since 1997 and 11th-coldest on record:

    1907 51.7
    1904 53.6
    1901 53.7
    1997 54.3
    1898 54.4
    1983 54.5
    1961 54.5
    1982 54.6
    1875 55.0
    1950 55.1
    2018 55.3

    The average high, 66.4, was a shade over 4 degrees lower than normal, while the low of 44.1 was almost 3.5 below the average. This is in drastic contrast to the previous scorcher of an April, which was more than 10.5 degrees hotter. 21 days were colder than normal, with only 8 showing an excess of temperature. It was yet another rather wet April, 5.56 inches of precipitation being well above the average of 4.0″. A trace of snow fell on 16th, the first instance of April snow event in 4 years.
    Despite the 14 cloudy days, tying 2000 and 2001 for the most for April since 1999, the month , actually, turned out clearer than is typically expected, due to a comparatively large number of fair days (10), and it concluded with three perfectly clear days, something not often seen this time of year. These conditions, coupled with low dew points, allowed for extreme range of temperatures. The 50 degree warm-up on 17th set the all-time record for the spring season. On the final day of the month a 43-degree jump was observed, besting the previous record of 40, from 1986. Hardly surprising, given how incredibly dry the air was for most of that day, humidity dropping to just 15% in the early evening, which has to be among the lowest ever readings for April. Finally, and fortunately, it was a tranquil month, with no severe weather reported. Though it is generally considered to be the peak of tornadic activity in Middle Tennessee, the last stormy April was in 2011, when seemingly every time it rained, there would be severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings issued. Lets hope this pattern continues.

  2. Lisa Spencer says:

    Great insight. Thank you for putting this together.

  3. Fred says:


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