April 17: Spring Extreme

Wow what a day! We had an incredible leap from morning to afternoon. The low in Nashville was 30°, the high soared to 80°.  That is a rise of 50°.  The National Weather Service doesn’t traditionally keep records of extreme temperature ranges. They did note that January 23, 1961; the temperature dropped 61 degrees from morning to night, but that was a cool down, not a warm up like today.

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Crossville did set a record low this morning dropping to 27°.

Mostly dry pattern in store for the rest of the week. Tonight a clear sky and mild. Great weather for  some sky watching tonight. Look to the west about an hour after sunset, you should see Venus and the Moon.

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Windy and warm on Wednesday with a slight chance of a shower in the evening as the next front moves through. Here’s the latest Futurecast depiction.

You’ll need your jacket again after the front passes. Thursday and Friday will be dry but the morning lows will be in the 40s and afternoon highs will rise to  the 60s.

Saturday looks great with some sunshine and an increase in clouds. The high will be near 70.  Our next chance for significant rain arrives Sunday.

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I’ll have an update on News 4 at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer


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Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4 Nashville. You can catch her weathercasts weekdays at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm and 10pm.
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5 Responses to April 17: Spring Extreme

  1. Fred says:

    The 50-degree temperature swing today sets the record not only for the month of April but for the entire meteorological spring period, March through May (it also, obviously, holds true for the summer season). Previous records hadn’t exceeded 46 degrees, and were observed on March 17, 1981, April 11, 1971 and April 29, 1987.
    Daily range records were available at the local NWS website until 2013: http://www.srh.noaa.gov:80/ohx/?n=nashvillerecords

  2. Fred says:

    OK, a little research has confirmed that yesterday’s 50-degree temperature rise is, indeed, the greatest on record. There are a handful of other calendar dates with the temperature range of 50 or more degrees: January 21, 1935 – 57, Jan. 23, 1963 – 61, the all-time record, November 12, 1911 – 52, December 19, 1924 and December 31, 1927 – both 50. However, all of those were cool-downs.
    Since the range of temperatures yesterday took place within 11 hours (from 5:06 am to 3:50 pm) , here’s the chart depicting the greatest increase in temperature over similar time span, 1948 – to present. Some of the values may be off by a degree or so, but, overall, it’s an adequate illustration:

  3. Lisa Spencer says:

    Thank you for the great information.

  4. Fred says:

    Pleased to hear this. Just trying my best!

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