Record Setting Day

It was a record setting day in Middle Tennessee.  Nashville tied the record for the most snow on this date with a “trace”.  It was also the coldest April 16, with a high of 44°. The old records were from 1905 when it was 46°.  It was also a record setting day in Crossville with a high of 35°, that smashed the old record of 45 from 1956.

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It was also a record setting day in Nashville 20 years ago. Nashville is hit by 3 tornadoes, including an F3, which strikes downtown for the first time in more than 65 years.

Nashville Tornado 1998

A total of 10 tornadoes were confirmed across Middle Tennessee. There were 4 fatalities across the mid state, with 105 injuries. One of those deaths was at Centennial Park, when a tree fell on a man.  Baseball-size hail was reported northwest of Ashland City in Cheatham County, damaging 35 to 50 homes. This is the 10th largest tornado outbreak in mid state history.  But the one tidbit of information that you usually don’t hear much about on that date was Lawrence County experienced the first F5 tornado in Tennessee’s history on this date just before the tornadoes struck Nashville.


That was quite a contrast from today’s winter weather. After this cold day there is a Freeze Warning for much of Middle Tennessee 12mid-8am from the Tennessee River  to the east.  A Frost Advisory for West Tennessee in the blue.


The sky will slowly clear for this evening and overnight.  It will be cold for anyone headed downtown for the Predator Watch Parties.  I think I would pay the extra to watch inside. So ironic, it’s been in the 70s today in Denver where the game is being played.


By morning the temperatures will drop to the mid 30s in Nashville and colder in the outlying areas.

Big warm into the afternoon on Tuesday, high near 70° with lots of sunshine. Windy and warm on Wednesday with a slight chance of a shower as the next front moves through. Thursday and Friday will be dry but cooler with mornings in the 40s and afternoons in the 60s.

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I’ll have an update on News 4 tonight at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer

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Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4 Nashville. You can catch her weathercasts weekdays at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm and 10pm.
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2 Responses to Record Setting Day

  1. Fred says:

    Nashville had its first snowfall in April since 2014 (15th). Other April snow events this century occurred in 2004 (13th) and 2001 (17th), all trace amounts. The last time there was measurable snow in April was in 1973, when 0.1 inches was recorded on the 10th. The most snowfall for the fourth calendar month is 1.5″ that fell waaay back in 1910, on the 25th, the latest measurable snow on record, as well as the latest instance of freezing temperatures (32 degrees), even though snow was recorded as late as May 19 (in 1894).
    Regarding the 20th anniversary of the tornado outbreak, local NWS office compiled a lot of info on that event:
    Finally, the 44-degree maximum, not only sets the record for the lowest max temp for the date, but also for so late in the season, indeed, the calendar record low between April 13 (42) and October 23 (41).

  2. Janice Nichols says:

    yes it was cold. I grew up in Nashville and have been telling friends at Granny Church of Christ we will have warm weather soon. We go out on Mondays at 7:00 2 help take food 2 families and Spring and Fall always helps us. The best news is the cold may have killed my pear tree blooms which is hard 2 pick up in the yard. Lisa you are the Best.

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