4 Things to Know About Our Weather

There are 4 things to know about our weather.  They are…

1) Enjoy the sunshine!  It’s about to go away for a while.

Today’s about as sunny as could be.  This view is from downtown just after midday.

DMA Temps.png

Notice there ARE some clouds farther north, but they’ll only gradually filter in late this afternoon.


Temperatures as of noon are below average — mainly in the 40s and 50s.

DMA Temps2.png

Clouds will increase tonight and prevail tomorrow.  Clouds will actually win out well through the weekend and much of next week, too as several rain systems move through.

2) Rain will be a recurring theme moving forward.

Even though today’s dry, notice the rain chance will be ramping up quite a bit.

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days.png

Early tomorrow, a few spotty showers will move in.


Rain will become more widespread tomorrow night, with the focus then along the TN/KY line.  Rain will come in waves on Saturday too.  Then, a cold front passing through late on Saturday could trigger a few thunderstorms especially southeast of Nashville.


3) Potential exists for heavy rain next week.

After a mostly dry Sunday, a showery Monday, a mostly dry Tuesday, and a showery Wednesday, heavy downpours will develop Thursday into Friday.   Unless that system changes, I expect 1″-3″ of rain to fall with it over our area.

7 Day AM

4) One more cold night and cool day — then temperatures rebound.

You probably also noticed from the forecast above that temperatures will rise to more typical levels after tomorrow.  The average high this time of year is in the low-mid 60s.  We’ll be right around that level this weekend and for most of next week.

Be sure to watch News 4 later today.  Lisa Spencer will take another look at this weekend’s weather maker and show you where, if anywhere, frost may form again tonight.



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