March Flip Flop: Snow…then Highs in the 70s

It’s mid-March and the weather is flip flopping. Many of us woke up to snow this morning.  Just a handful of days from now though, we’ll have temperatures in the 70s!

Snow made for beautiful scenery in many communities this morning.  Take a look at this one from Cross Plains, by Jayne.


Here’s another, from Portland, by Dee Anna…


Snow’s still falling on the Cumberland Plateau as of 9am, but it should be done in an hour or less.  Beware of a few slippery bridges, overpasses, or secondary roads there for the next couple of hours.


Meanwhile, sunshine’s taking over for the rest of the Mid State as the snow already begins to melt!

DMA Temps2.png

Temperatures as of 9am are generally hovering at or just above freezing, so it’s still cold.

DMA Temps.png

Later today, with more sunshine, highs will range from the mid 40s to the mid 50s.  Nashville will top off just below 50.  That’s ten degrees below average.

iCAST TodaysHighs.png

Protect any sensitive plants you have and want to keep going from the cold expected tonight and tomorrow night.  We’ll have a light freeze tonight and a moderate freeze tomorrow night.  The coldest spots tomorrow night will dip into the lower 20s!

Then, milder air will set in for Thursday and Friday.  Highs in the 70s are expected on both Saturday and Sunday.  However, a few showers and thunderstorms are likely then.  Friday will even make for a few rain showers.

7 Day AM.png

Join me later today on News4 at Noon.  We’ll talk more about the return of rain down the road.  I’ll also show which areas will turn the coldest tonight.


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