Winter’s Back

Winter’s back!  Sure, it never left on the calendar, but it absolutely took a hiatus in the feel outdoors.  More than half of the month of February had highs in the 60s or above.

This morning, it feels like it this time of year should.  These temperatures are actually average for early March.

DMA Temps3


While it’s not as windy as yesterday or last night, there’s still a bit of a breeze making for a wind chill this morning.

DMA WindChill3.png

Clouds are in place over most of Middle Tennessee….as of 7:45am.

DMA Temps

More clouds will move in later.  SO…it won’t just feel wintry.  It’ll even look wintry outdoors with thick, low clouds.   A little sunshine’s likely at times, too.


Highs today will only be in the 40s…

iCAST TodaysHighs.png

…as a big snowstorm rolls up the eastern seaboard.  Over eastern New England, 12-18″ of snow are likely.  Here, there could be a flurry or two, but that’s it.


Tonight as we have partial clearing, temperatures will fall back into the 20s in many areas.  If you have flowers or potted plants outdoors you want to keep going, you’ll want to protect them sometime today and leave them covered (or indoors) until mid morning on Friday.

iCAST TonightsLows

Notice how the colder air will hang around right through early Friday.  Then, as temperatures moderate some clouds will thicken and rain will move in.

7 Day AM

Rain will arrive from the west on Saturday and linger through Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday will be cooler as the rain moves away.

Join me today on News4 at Noon.  We’ll have an update on the timing of the rain expected to develop this weekend.


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