The Ground Hog was Out to Lunch: Warm End to February

Looks like Punxsutawney Phil & Chattanooga Chuck should try again.  I wonder if the bright lights from all the camera flashes were what scared them into thinking we’d have six more weeks of winter.  We’ll have anything but for most of the next two weeks, which will take us to the end of February.

This morning is a prime example.  Look at temperatures as of 8am.  They’re already well above our average high for Valentine’s Day, which is 52 degrees in Nashville.

DMA Temps

These warm conditions are in place despite the rain (which causes cooling).  Look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar, also as of 8am.


Farther west there’s plenty more rain, so expect occasional showers for the rest of today.  All the rain shown here is moving due east.


Highs this afternoon will make it feel more like March!

iCAST TodaysHighs

Notice how FUTURECAST shows no sunshine, but plenty of showers moving forward.

Tomorrow, a gusty southerly wind will get going (as high as 35 mph during the afternoon).  That’ll warm all areas into the upper 60s and low 70s!

iCAST TomorrowsHighs

Friday and Saturday will be two exceptions to the early spring theme we currently have.  Friday will begin springlike…in the low 60s.  Then, temperatures will fall into the 40s during the afternoon.

7 Day AM

Saturday will be cool with another rain system passing through.  Then, warming will set in again.  Sunday looks lovely to be outdoors, with highs near 60.  Then, the sky’s the limit (so to speak) on Monday and Tuesday as temperatures climb into the 70s during the afternoon.  With enough sunshine on Tuesday, some areas could even have temperatures zoom into the upper 70s!

Join us today on News4 at noon.  Melanie Layden will track the rain at that time on 4WARN Live Doppler Radar.




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