Temperatures Climbing with More Rain on the Horizon

The two biggest weather stories this morning are that temperatures are on their way up and rain’s about to return to Middle Tennessee.

Outdoors this morning as of 8am it’s chilly, but not overly cold.  Take a look…

DMA Temps

It’s also cloudy.


Later today the clouds will try to erode, first at the edges.  Where clouds break up sufficiently, temperatures will soar through the 50s.  Where they don’t, temperatures will peak around 50 or in the lowermost 50s.  Nashville’s likely to have at least SOME sunshine, so in Music City we’ll likely have a high in the upper 50s.

Day Planner AMShow

The afternoon commute looks issue-free weatherwise, too.  Roads will remain dry throughout.

Commute Forecast

Tonight however, rain will already be moving back into the Mid State.  Showers will expand overnight and linger through all of tomorrow.

While the ground and lawns will likely get soaked and mushy again, we’re not expecting so much rain with this next round that more flooding develops.  The rain will likely just slow the recession of rivers and streams in our area.

Here’s a look at how much rain will likely fall.


We’ll dry out a little bit Thursday with near record highs, in the 70s.  Then, more rain will move in on Friday.  Showers will even linger into both Saturday and Sunday, so it looks like another great weekend to catch the Olympics on News4!

Rain Chance GRAPH_Days.png

Join us later today on News4.  Melanie Layden will be with you at noon, highlighting where the heaviest downpours are likely for tomorrow morning’s commute.



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