From Wintry to Springlike in 24 Hours

While it was wintry feeling outdoors yesterday, it’ll feeling nothing short of springlike this afternoon.

This morning feels wintry…as it well should.  It IS still January.  Temperatures as of 8am look like this.


A developing southerly wind’s making for a bit of a wind chill.


That south wind will easily gust into the 20s today (mph) and work with sunshine to warm the air nicely.

It’ll actually feel cooler than the temperatures though thanks to that wind.  All that said, when you have mid-upper 50s in January, you’re doing alright!

2018 CITYCAST TodayHighs

Clouds will increase tonight in advance of our next weather system that’ll move in from the northwest.

2018 SATRAD_3D

Tomorrow, expect rain to develop gradually.  Initially it’ll just be showery during the morning.  During the afternoon, steadier rain will take over, especially over central and eastern Middle Tennessee.

Then, as enough cold air filters into the area, rain will change to a very brief period of snow tomorrow night, primarily well northeast of Nashville.

On the Upper Cumberland Plateau and areas nearby, minor snowfall accumulations are possible by Friday morning.  With temperatures in the 20s then, a few slick roads will even be possible (there).

2018 SNOWFALL Forecast

Join me today on News 4 at Noon.  I’ll have an update on tomorrow/tomorrow night’s storm system.  I’ll also highlight what I expect from another storm to pass through this weekend.


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