Ready for Some Good News!

Heavenly! Refreshing blue skies and a very chilly start to our morning with temperatures running in the teens region-wide.


Abundant sunshine will warm things up today, finally above freezing this afternoon in the upper 30-degree range.2018 DAYPlanner SKYDaytime

Not only today but I’m forecasting a perfect-10 on our sunshine outlook! Soak it up!2018 CYLINDERS SUN

Increasing clouds on Saturday will lead to further cloud cover on Sunday. This is all thanks to our next weather maker still well off towards our west, bringing showers to Oregon and California.2018 VIPIR

We’ll start with a few spotty showers on Sunday before a decent drenching arrives early next week on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be beautiful and dry.

In temperature news.. waoh! Check out the climb. Each and every day it gets warmer — upper 30s today, upper 40s on Friday, lower 50s on Saturday and lower 60s by Sunday.

2018 7 Day AM

After a stretch of bitter cold, this will be welcomed by many.

I’ll have an update on News 4 at noon today! That is.. if I don’t go into labor before then.. 🙂


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