4WARN Weather Alert for Friday

Rain drops knocking on the door this Thursday morning.. nothing heavy, all in the form of rain and widely scattered across the Mid State.


9:38 AM Radar Update: few light showers tracking northeast through Gallatin, Franklin, Crossville and Paris. Keep the umbrella handy today as more is on the way!


Temperatures are unbelievably warm! Average morning low is 28 degrees and we are just about double that number to start the day, in the upper 50s to even lower 60s around town. 2018 AMShow_DMA TEMPS

We are still on the warm sector of a strong cold front headed our way.. bringing big changes to our weather as soon as tomorrow.2018 CITYCAST TodayHighs

Widespread showers overnight will start out in the form of rain. As temperatures drop overnight into the early morning, that’s when things get a bit dicey, initially for areas north and west of Nashville. Notice the pinks spreading in around 4am. That’s the area most likely to see freezing rain, ice, sleet and mixed precipitation..2018 RPM12km_fc SATRAD

That pink spreads further east into central Middle Tennessee into around 7:00 am.. 2018 RPM12km_fc SATRAD1

By late morning, the mixed precipitation will transition into all snow for western Middle TN initially. Areas far east will be still be warm enough for plain ol’ rain. Areas in the middle.. little bit of both.2018 RPM12km_fc SATRAD22018 RPM12km_fc SATRAD3

Late afternoon is when I expect all precipitation to be in the form of snow. This is prime evening commute! 2018 RPM12km_fc SATRAD52018 RPM12km_fc SATRAD6

As new data comes in, I’m updating our potential snowfall accumulations. Compared to yesterday, just a tweak or two. I still expect Nashville and areas northwest to get the most accumulation, 1-3.” Areas east.. about an inch and areas south.. maybe a dusting.2018 SNOWFALL Forecast

Ice is a concern and will pave way for slick roads, especially for our northwestern counties…

2018 ICE Forecast

WINTER STORM WATCH in effect for areas under the PINK color through Friday night.

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in effect for areas under the PURPLE color through 6 AM.

2018 WATCH1

With all kinds of precipitation and anticipated messy roads, a 4WARN weather alert is in full swing for Friday. This is a forecast you’ll want to stay up-to-date with, as new data comes in. 2018 7 Day AM

I’ll have an update on the latest timing of the snow and any updates to anticipated snowfall accumulations coming up on News 4 at noon today.

Hope you join me!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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