Temperature Hopscotch

Looks like a white board (or grey board)! A capture of Downtown Nashville this morning.. dense fog an issue for many.


Visibility struggling down to a 1/4 of a mile even less in some spots. DENSE FOG ADVISORY carries on until 9AM. If you run into a fog bank, please keep plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you. Allow plenty of time.. no need to rush through it.2018 WATCH1

Clouds keep temperatures mild this morning, in the upper 30s to lower 40s…2018 AMShow_DMA TEMPS

I expect cloud cover to remain stubborn and enough moisture will squeeze drizzle out at times.2018 VIDEO VIPIR

Daytime highs will run noticeably warmer in the the lower 50s.. and we are just getting started on our mini warm stretch! Low 60s by Wednesday and upper 60s by Thursday!2018 DAYPlanner SKYDaytime

If you’re heading out to cheer on the Preds tonight, you should have no issue getting to and form the game weather-wise. Clouds linger but it will remain dry. You’ll want a jacket but no need for a heavy winter coat with temperatures in the upper 40s game start to game stop.2018 PREDS_1

The big Titans game is on Saturday at 7:15! They take on the New England Patriots at Foxborough. If you’re making the trip out, good for you! That is awesome. What you’ll need to plan for — rain/snow showers and a very cold evening with temperatures in the upper 30s at the start of the game, and just above freezing towards the finish of the game. You’ll need the warm coat, hand warmers, mittens.. the whole shebang.

2018 EVENT_b 2TEMP

Our temperatures are playing hopscotch this week, talking a thirty degree difference in the matter of 24 hours. This transitions rain into s-n-o-w early in the weekend. I’ll have my take on what I expect with the timing coming up on News 4 at noon today.2018 7 Day AM

Have a wonderful day!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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