Wintry Mix Sunday Night

The Arctic air we’ve had for more than a week’s done nothing more than support a few flurries so far.  That should change a bit Sunday night as our next weather maker moves in.

Right now (as of late Friday night), the storm responsible for Sunday night’s weather here is moving ashore the Pacific Northwest.

2018 VIPIR

Since it’s so far away, most of the weekend will turn out dry.

2018 WHAT TO EXPECT1.png

FUTURECAST shows its progression into the area and eastward Sunday night.  As noted above, the mixed precipitation (which is shown in pink) will last a few hours.  Still though, that’ll be long enough to (in some spots) make a few slick roads, bridges, overpasses, walkways, and porches.  The area with the best chance of slick areas is eastern Middle Tennessee.  Notice, there, the mix will last the longest.  It’s also there that by morning commute time on Monday, some of the roads will still be icy.  Elsewhere, the warmth will have melted any frozen precipitation and what’s falling will be in the form of rain for Monday morning’s drive.

Changing gears to tonight, it’s very cold out now and will get even colder by dawn.  Look at 7am temperatures for Saturday morning.


Highs tomorrow afternoon will be NEAR freezing, but not quite there for most.

2018 CITYCAST TomorrowHighs

Sunday will turn a little milder, before the mixed precipitation moves in.  Then, notice how mild it gets by midweek 50s, to near 60!

2018 7 Day PM

With the threat for icy roads Sunday night and early Monday in spots, be sure to check back often over the weekend for updates to this forecast on News 4,, and on the News 4 app.




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