Dangerously Cold

A strong passing arctic cold front, leaves behind dangerously cold temperatures to kick start the new year. Here’s a peak at our daytime highs over the course of the next four days…ouch ouch and ouch!


Earlier clouds continue lifting and temperatures drop as they clear!


Upper teens to upper 20s region-wide as I type here (8:59 PM)


Wind chills are already flirting with the single digit territiory, particularly along the KY/TN border…2018 DMA WIND CHILL

Tomorrow morning will be one for extra layers. That 15 will FEEL more like the single digits…2018 SKY1 Morning

If you’re heading out to cheer on the Titans tomorrow, I have good and could be better news for you! Sunshine will be plenty but temperatures will not feel as sunny! 23 degrees for the start of the game (3:25pm). Hand warmers? Yes please!2018 FOOTBALL TITANS1

Temperatures take a turn for the coldest just in time for those heading out to celebrate New Years Eve out on the town. A WIND CHILL ADVISORY remains in effect 10 PM Sunday through 9 AM Monday. What this means….wind chills will range between zero and eight below zero during this time frame. Any exposed skin beyond thirty minutes will have fair game for frost bite. Please take this seriously. Check on elderly, limit outdoor time for pets and be sure to have extra blankets packed in your car.2018 WATCH1

If you’re heading out to the midnight Music Note Drop, here’s how things shape up…


Much of the same on Monday. In fact, I expect another Wind Chill Advisory to be issued Monday night into early Tuesday morning. Bitterly cold days ahead but the bright side? We are blessed with sunshine every day! ENJOY that part!2018 7 Day PM

I’ll have an update on these bone chilling temperatures coming up on News 4 at 10 tonight! Hope you join!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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