Cold Finish to 2017

After a warm start to December with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, bitter cold air will help us close the month as we prepare to usher in 2018.

Yesterday got that process going with a high temperature of just 33 — nearly 15 degrees below average for Christmas Day!  This morning, it’s equally cold with temperatures hovering just below freezing as of 7am.


Clouds are still with us….but just for now.  Here’s the view downtown shortly after sunrise.


Notice clearing moving in from the west however. It’s about to turn sunny!


Sunshine will return today making it much brighter than yesterday and notably milder (but still not mild).  Here’s a look at how today will unfold temperaturewise.

DT_Day Planner_MORNING

This afternoon:

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2b

A cold front is just to our north this morning, along the Ohio River Valley.  That will pass through later today making for a much colder day tomorrow.


Tomorrow morning will feature temperatures in the 20s.  The afternoon will only warm to freezing or just above.  Look at tomorrow’s wind chill though!

Through the rest of the week there aren’t any major storm systems we’re tracking.  Except for possibly a few light snow showers over the weekend, it’ll remain dry.  Speaking of the weekend…look at the expected temperatures!  Revelers ringing in the new year on Sunday night will need to dress for Arctic air!

WSMV 7 Day AM.png

Join me later today on News 4 at Noon.  We’ll take a closer look at the timing of the snow showers in our weekend forecast.


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