Mixed Bag

Clouds, fog and mist! Feels like a day to snuggle up on the couch and pop in a favorite Christmas movie. Downtown Nashville sets the trend for what the entire Mid State looks like this morning…little dreary.


Dense fog continues impacting western Middle Tennessee…

Areas under the RED = visibility down to 1/4 a mile.

Areas under the ORANGE = visibility down to 1/2 a mile.

Areas under the YELLOW = visibility down to 1 mile.VIDEO RADAR SPONSOR

Southerly winds ahead of an approaching cold front pull in mild temperatures, climbing into the lower 60s today…


The rain holds off until Friday morning, starting off light and scattered.

WSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary

Intensity picks up at bit moving into the afternoon with heavy downpours possible at times.WSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary1

Plan for widespread rain during Friday rush hour (don’t kill the messenger).

Image result for emoji big teethWSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary2

Showers carry on into Saturday but the heaviest activity pushes east during the morning. Lingering showers will stick around for the remainder of the day.WSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary3WSMV RPM 4KM WxType Stationary4

Areas under the RED/ORANGE can expect up to 4″ of rain through Saturday night. Areas under the BLUE, can expect less, about 0.5″ to 1.5.” We need the rain so this is a good thing!PAUL ECMWF RAIN

Cooler air arrives behind the cold front on Christmas Eve (Sunday). As temperatures drop throughout the day, a few snow flurries will be possible….so not a white Christmas but we will be a glimpse of some white. 🙂WSMV WeekendOutlookBASIC

I’ll have an update on News 4 at noon today! Hope you join me!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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