Snow in the south… but not for us!

If you flipped on the morning news today, chances are you heard news anchor going crazy over “snow in the south.”  Overnight, winter weather advisories were issued all across the deep south from Texas to Georgia… and the snow is still coming down in some spots.  BUT WAIT– Don’t go rush to the grocery store for bread and milk…. we aren’t going to see any snow from that system here in the midstate.  A few of our southeastern counties COULD see a snow flurry or two today… but it’s highly unlikely.

bread & milk.jpg

But tomorrow morning…. that’s a different story, at least for southern Kentucky and the Cumberland Plateau. A light dusting could spread across those areas… but it won’t be enough to actually stick to the ground… and certainly won’t do any damage to traffic.

You can expect to see some light flurries in southern Kentucky (Hopkinsville, Franklin, Bowling Green) by around noon… and then it stretches into the Plateau region of Tennessee (Livingston, Cookeville, Crossville) by late afternoon, around 3 P.M.

noon flurries

3pm flurries

Saturday will also bring in some breezy conditions– SW winds 10-15 MPH, but some wind gusts reaching up to 20 MPH.  Highs will be in mid-40s.  On Sunday, you can expect lots of sunshine but highs only in the low 40s.


Have a great weekend!

-Meteorologist Melanie Layden


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