Time to Bundle Up

Clouds are already starting to break up across the Mid State paving way for a beautiful day ahead.


If you’re just heading out the door (9:15 am), temperatures are in the low to upper 30s. You’ll need a few extra layers!

WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle Autoplot

Expect a mix of sun and clouds with noticeably cooler temperatures in the mid 40s to lower 50s.DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2

The tail end moisture of a cold front that brought widespread rain yesterday is sitting on top of our state. That’s the reason for the clouds this morning. Notice the drier air just north and west — that’s headed our way breaking up the clouds as the day progresses. DD SATRAD3D Zooms

A clipper system will dip south, bringing our next precipitation chance late on Friday into early on Saturday. With the cooler air in place, the few showers we do see will be in the form of light snow. Since the ground is so warm, I expect it to melt very quickly. We’re talking a dusting for most of us, particularly noticeable on rooftops of vehicles and homes. Areas east could get up to 0.5″-1.0″ when all is said and done.WSMV 7 Day AM2

I’ll have an update on when the showers clear the area this weekend coming up at noon today. Hope you join me.

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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