Big Changes

No lack of clouds and rain-covered roads this morning!


The bright side? Most of the shower activity has been in the form of LIGHT rain (radar updated: 9:32 am). Slowly but surely pushing south and east throughout the day…


With thick clouds in place temperatures have been mild in the upper 50s. It’s one of those ‘not so typical’ days where we actually cool throughout the day. It’s all the cooler air behind a passing cold front! Check it out…WSMV DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle AutoplotDT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature2DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature1

Low to mid 40s is what to expect late afternoon so I would plan on keeping the warm coat by your side!DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature22

Most of the rain exits Nashville by late morning to early afternoon.

DAPHNE NEW RPM 4KM WxType Stationary1

Clouds remain stubborn tonight but they’ll break up overnight allowing temperatures to drop into sub0freezing territory.DAPHNE NEW RPM 4KM WxType Stationary2DAPHNE NEW RPM 4KM WxType Stationary3

Sunshine arrives by mid-week before a system brings the potential for some s-n-o-w late week into the weekend. I’ll have more on how much snow and which areas I expect to be most impacted coming up on News 4 at noon today!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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